Company Story


Around 3 am on July 1, 2002 I was awakened by the sound of my 2 year old son coughing in his bedroom from the wildfire smoke that was closing in on our neighborhood in Springville, Utah. The previous evening some teenagers playing with fireworks had set the mountain ablaze several miles away from our home. Before retiring to bed that evening, my wife and I took one last look at the small hot spots still smoldering on the hill and felt like the fire, still over 10 miles away, was under control. Waking up in the early morning hours to a home filled with smoke, the fire was anything but under control. 

As I stepped out on my front porch the towering blaze was 100 yards from the edge of our neighborhood. I knew it was time to take action. As my wife was carrying our son to the car her instructions to me were – “get all of our photos and the computer!” I didn’t realize how many boxes of photos we actually owned until I made multiple trips up and down the stairs carrying box after box to the car. Baby pictures, memories from high school, trips abroad, our wedding, honeymoon and the birth of our first child – story after story captured in those irreplaceable photos. What a tragedy it would have been to have lost those treasured photos. Our home, car, electronics and appliances were all replaceable – we didn’t think once about hauling those items out the door. The two things that were not replaceable were the first things loaded in – our family and our photos.

Fortunately, this story ends with the fire being contained just in time and our neighborhood was spared. Since that time I have gained a greater appreciation for the things that matter most in life. For me, those things are my family and the memories we have created together. This awareness has been the driving force behind Shoebox Memories. The need is real to preserve the things that matter most.

Jeremy Wycherly / Founder