Document Preservation


Yes, we can do those too! Paper documents such as genealogy pages, birth certificates, old letters and legal documents are just as vulnerable to the aging process as photos – perhaps even more so. Whether you are preparing a family history or preparing for a legal case, the Shoebox Memories scanner can process thousands of documents in under an hour!

Shoebox Memories is a trusted resource for preserving one-of-a-kind documents through the personal touch of in-home document scanning.

Shoebox does all the work for you with the most advanced document scanning equipment available today. Your documents never leave the safety of your home – – no waiting, no order forms to fill out, no trips to the copy store, no wondering if you’ll ever see your documents again, nada. At a rate of 65 documents per minute, our service technician can preserve thousands of documents in one scanning session (all documents perserved as .jpgs at 300 dpi). Shoebox Memories provides the most affordable way to scan your documents – from the safety of your own home. Call today to set up a documents scanning session in your home – (801) 948-0902.

**Now Serving Northern and Central Utah** 

Please note: All documents must be removed from their binding, envelopes or covers prior to the scan technicians arrival.  ALL STAPLES, PAPER CLIPS, ETC. MUST BE REMOVED PRIOR TO SCANNING.