In-Home Photo Scanning


**Now Serving Northern and Central Utah**

Pictures stored away under your bed, in the attic or in a cabinet will eventually fade, crack and discolor. This natural aging process of photos is a real threat to the memories and legacy of your life and the loved ones who have gone before. Additionally, unexpected disasters such as flood, fire or computer hard drive crashes can quickly destroy a lifetime of memories. It’s time to preserve that legacy. 

Shoebox Memories is a trusted resource for preserving one-of-a-kind photo memories through the personal touch of in-home photo scanning.

Shoebox does all the work for you with the most advanced photo scanning equipment available today. Your photos never leave the safety of your home – – no waiting, no order forms to fill out, no trips to the post office, no wondering if you’ll ever see your photos again, nada. At a rate of 65 photos per minute, our service technician can preserve thousands of photos in one scanning session (all photos perserved at 300 dpi). Shoebox Memories provides the most affordable way to scan your photos – from the safety of your own home. Call today to set up a photo scanning session in your home – 801.948.0902.

Now introducing in-home slide scanning! Just like with our photo scanning service, your slides never leave the safety of your home. Each slide is individually scanned at 1800 dpi. Shoebox Memories provides the most affordable way to scan your slides – from the safety of your own home. Call today to set up a slide scanning appointment in your home – 801.948.0902.

Once all your photos are scanned, our trained technician provides you with a DVD of your photos, right there, on the spot. Additionally, you will receive a free account where all of your photos will be saved to a Shoebox secure server. If something happens to your personal copy of your DVD you can purchase another copy of your photos directly from us – that should give you peace of mind.

Now the fun starts. Bring your old photos back to life by creating high quality photo products such as photobooks, calendars, greeting cards, posters, canvas prints and more! You’ll be amazed at this new way to relive your photo memories that, previously, were sentenced to a life tucked away in a shoebox. Shoebox Memories is the simplest way to preserve your photos, period. Scan your photos once and the stories live on….newborns, birthdays, first steps, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions, and more!