Why Shoebox?

It can’t get any easier than this. We scan your photos right in your home. Why would anyone consider shipping their irreplaceable photos to a distant lab and risk never seeing them again? Until now, your photo scanning options were to ship your photos to some distant state (or country), spend a couple of days working with a local retailer or scan them at home on a slow flat-bed scanner. In-home-photo-scanning is as convenient as you can get.
Shoebox Memories uses the fastest photo scanning equipment available today. Our Kodak PS810 photo scanners can scan up to 65 photos per minute – that kind of speed means our photo technician can scan all of your photos in under an hour. We’re in and out and you can get on with your life.
All our photos are scanned at 300 dpi (dot per inch) – the exact specification given by industry leading document imaging specialists. At 300 dpi your digital photo can be printed at the exact size and quality of your original photo.
State-of-the-art equipment, software and web tools provide you the best tools for preserving your photo legacy.
Once our photo scanning technician has scanned your photos, you are given a DVD that contains all of your newly scanned photos. All photos are stored in .jpg format at a resolution of 300 dpi. You can copy the disk onto your hard drive or external back up devices for safe keeping.
In addition to the DVD disc you receive, all of your photos can be loaded onto your personal computer of hard drive for safe keeping. If you were to lose or damage your DVD disc you can purchase another copy of your DVD. We’ll burn you a new disc and mail you a new copy. Now that should give you peace of mind.
How much are your photo memories worth? Probably a whole lot more than the small cost of our photo scanning services. For as low as 15 cents per scan, the value of this service goes beyond the time, effort and energy you’ll save trying to find another way to preserve your photo memories.
No other photo preservation service can offer the personal touch of our in-home approach. Your photos never leave the safety of your home and our trained technician will handle your photos with the greatest care. If you ever have any questions regarding our services you can call and speak to a real person – who lives in the United States.
Give new life to your photo memories by creating custom keepsakes using commonly available photo book creation websites. Create high quality photo books, calendars, posters, canvases and more from your newly digitized photos!
Your personal life stories will live on for generations to come regardless of how your photos weather the tests of time. The records, stories and photos you keep will build a bridge to future generations of family and friends.